Charles Mabhena

The political atmosphere in Zimbabwe is slowly heating up as opposition are ganging up in a bid to oust the Robert Mugabe led ZANU-Pf in the 2018 general elections.

Today in Harare, zwnews witnessed two opposition parties, Zimbabwe First party led by Maxwell Zed Shumba and Progressive Democracy of Zimbabwe led by Barbara Nyagomo singing to be part of a coalition that is advocating for a united front against ZANU-PF.

This follows the move by five political parties, Movement for Democratic Change Welshman Ncube, Mavambo Kusile Dawn Simba Makoni, DARE Gilbert Dzikiti, ZUNDE Farai Mbira and Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe Elton Mangoma last year in May 2016 that signed a coalition agreement called Coalition for Democrats (CODE).

According to Farai Mbira the CODE chairperson, the signing of the two parties to the code is a remarkable achievement in the history of post-Independence- Zimbabwe and also that the parties managed to come to an agreement without any mediator.

“Every president who has signed the CODE has vowed before the group that they joins without claim, condition, demand to lead and that anyone among us can be a leader,” said Mbira.

“We have all set aside our personal interests in favour of national interests and best outcomes for our people and posterity,” Mbira added.

The CODE envisions establishing a united, democratic, socially just and green Zimbabwe in which all free, equal, prosperous and enjoying happy and fulfilling lives. To work with civil Society and other stakeholders to come up with a document of the future of Zimbabwe.

“In our view CODE is not there to accommodate personal preferences but national interests.

“We are not there to claim the greatest share of power but to create a democratic dispensation for the majority of our people. Our unity is a strategic instrument to exert maximum pressure on ZANU-PF and its claws usurping our heritage. Fear is no-longer an option,” Said Mbira