Renowned political analyst, Dr Pedzisai Ruhanya says all right thinking Zimbabweans love to see their country prosper, and would not wish harm for the country, but hate bad governance.

Ruhanya was responding to Minister of Foreign Affairs Sibusiso Moyo, who had said some Zimbabweans are happy that the country was given economic sanctions by the West.

“The African Union supports the removal of sanctions. The SADC supports the removal of sanctions. The UN Secretary-General supports the removal of sanctions.

“Why can’t you?” Said Moyo.

In response, Ruhanya said;

“VARAKASHI want sanctions to go. Yes, we agree with you, but ABDUCTIONS, TORTURE, LAWLESSNESS MUST GO TOO.

“We love Zimbabwe. We love this FLAG but we dislike bad leadership, corruption and violence associated with ZANU PF. Musanyepegwa!

“People don’t hate Zimbabwe. I am yet to come across Zimbabweans who hate this country.

“They dislike its leaders, they dislike ZANU PF, they dislike the role of the military, security apparatus in politics. This doesn’t mean they don’t like Zimbabwe. Kwanai VARAKASHI.”

Responding to Moyo, renowned investigative journalist, Hopewell Chin’ono said sanctions must go and so should corruption, abductions, human rights abuses, the social ills which contributed to their imposition.

“Yes, sanctions must go!

“They will go when the abductions stop, when the looting of public funds stop, when the abuse of State institutions stop, when the rigging of elections stop, when the capture of the police & judiciary stop, when plunder of national resources stop!”