RBZ boss John Mangudya

Experience is said to be best teacher;  Zimbabweans are keeping about US$2 billion in the informal sector as they don’t trust banks.

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) says at least US$2 billion is circulating outside the country’s formal banking system.

The Central Bank recently announced that it would be working on incentives to encourage people to keep their money in banks.

The keeping of cash outside banks is believed to have been caused by yesteryear memories more so as the local currency remains volatile.

Banked Zimbabweans always find it hard to withdraw their money when they need it, amid high bank charges.

Most Zimbabweans are forced to spend much time in bank queues, not good enough for them as would need more time to do daily hustles.

To make matters even worse withdrawal limits are usually imposed, meaning one would need more than a day to withdraw enough money.

However, the keeping of money under pillows have seen others losing it during robberies.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police is on record urging members of the public desist from keeping large sums of money at home.