“Zimbabweans Are Now Ready To Overthrow ED”– Sikhala

MDC deputy national chair and legislator, Job Sikhala says President Emmerson Mnangagwa will be forced out of power by disgruntled Zimbabweans the Tunisian and Sudanese way before his five-year term ends in 2023.

The Zengeza West MP was speaking on NewZimbabwe.com’s current affairs program, The Agenda on Monday.

Sikhala said Mnangagwa’s government will be replaced by a transitional authority in a civilian administration.

He said that Zimbabweans will deal with Mnangagwa in the Tunisian and Sudanese way.

“This man (Mnangagwa) is clueless, his government is pathetic,” he said.

“Mugabe would at least show you some instincts of knowing how to run a state. This man is an embarrassment to the people of Zimbabwe and he knows it.

“Zimbabweans do not see an election before 2023. Zimbabweans see a change of government before 2023 through the will of the people.”

Sikhala added, “If you had been following some of the elections in Africa, you would know that Ben Ali won by 96% but six months later, the people of Tunisia said enough is enough.

“Omar Al Bashir (ousted Sudanese leader) won elections last year but it did not take two years for people to say enough is enough.

“I see that if Emmerson Mnangagwa is not going to engage MDC President Nelson Chamisa and the MDC leadership to find a solution, the people of Zimbabwe, without the influence of anyone, will make sure that they take the destiny of this country into their own hands.”


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