Josey Mahachi, a Zimbabwean-born journalist serving with German broadcaster DW English Africa, has bagged the 2023 edition of Africa Women Impact Multimedia Journalist of the Year.

She was bestowed the certificate of honor for the award after emerging top among several nominees.

The world-class journalist, whose interest cuts across media entrepreneurship, digital journalism, African politics and social issues, was singled out for recognition because of the impact her work has created on the continent’s media landscape.

Talking to MMI shortly after receiving her award, Josey Mahachi said it is “a dream come true.”

“I feel humbled and honored especially with the fact that we do our work daily but never know who is watching or following. I was shocked when I received a letter saying that I was nominated for this award and that they are people who are following my work and feel that I deserve this.

“It is the greatest honor for me this 2023 that my work is being recognized not only in Germany where I work, but across the continent,” Josey told MMI in an exclusive interview.

The award winning journalist noted that the recognition is her greatest motivation as she strives for the best in the profession where press censorship and attacks on the media and journalists are rife.

“It makes me want to do more and push myself ahead. It is my second award, and it is the first in journalism.

“My first award was a recognition from Zimbabwe Investment Authority in 2015,” she went on.

With over ten years of experience in the media, Josey revealed that the profession is not for the faint-hearted.

According to her, the passion for journalism “turned my difficult moments into glories.”

“Journalism is a very challenging profession in the sense that you create a lot of enemies. You always have to be careful with what, how and when you say it.

“We are always seen as bad people, enemies, and trouble makers. But we are very important people. It is just a pity that not everybody realises how important we are,” said the award winning journalist.

Text/ Image: MMI