Former Zanu PF Chivi South MP Killer Zivhu, who sparked outrage after his widely publicised donation of bags of mealie-meal to underpaid school teachers in his constituency, has reacted to the criticism that he has been subjected to in recent days.

Zivhu, who implored on the teachers he had offered the mealie-meal to return back to their workplaces and concentrate on the examination classes while President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Government was working on addressing their remuneration concerns, said there was nothing wrong with his donation.

The former parliamentarian said the donation was made in a bid to make sure that the teachers had food to eat while the Government is sorting out their salaries.

He said there was no justification to the criticism, adding that he was not the teachers’ employer.

“Pane chakaipa here kuti wokumbira teacher kuti dzidzisa vana wakamirira government ichigadzira zve salary yako (Is there anything wrong with pleading with the teachers to return back to work while the Government is working on their salaries?)” Zivhu wrote on his Twitter handle.

“Isu savabereki tofanokukupa chikafu sezvo vana vachida kunyora final exams apa havana kudzidza lockdown yose. Saka mhosva yangu ndeipi apa handisini employer wavo ini (As parents, we offered them food so that they concentrate on the examination classes while their salary concerns were being addressed. What crime did I commit- I am not their employer),” he said.

Since the reopening of schools for the Third Term two weeks ago, Zimbabwe teachers have been on strike, citing incapacitation.

Despite Government threats of salary cessation and replacing the striking teachers with their ‘qualified but unemployed’ colleagues, the incapacitated teachers have vowed that they will not return back to work, demanding the restoration of the pre-2018 US$540 monthly salaries.

Teachers in Zimbabwe currently pocket not more than US$35 per month.