Zimbabwe social media blackout…Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp Shut Down continues

Internet is now available in Zimbabwe but social media sites(Whatsapp, Twitter, and Facebook) remain blocked as military authorities try to prevent the outside world from seeing violence and murder that happened in the past three days.

The forces behind the social media blitz were unmasked by internet service provider Econet in a message sent to its customers.

“Dear valued customer, please be advised that the internet is back online under a directive that the Facebook, YouTube, Whats App, Twitter will remain closed until further notice. Any inconvenience is sincerely regretted,” said the mobile service provider.

Econonet named security forces as the main influence behind the shutdown in another message attributed to the company.

The message below specifically names the high hierarchy of Central Intelligence Organisation(CIO) as forces behind the crises:

“Further to a warrant issued by the Minister of State in the President’s Office for National Security through the Director General of the President’s Dept (sic) acting in terms of the Interception of Communications Act, Internet Services are currently suspended across all networks and Internet Service providers. We are obliged to act when directed to do so and the matter is beyond our control. All inconveniences are sincerely regretted,” said the message.

Acting President Chiwenga was caught offside when he apparently lied that he authorities do not have powers to switch off social media and internet.

Speaking on the phone Constantino Guvheya Chiwenga told Simba Chikanza that he did not know there was an order from government to shut internet connections in Zimbabwe.

“Ah, hatina chatinoziva. Hatiite directive yakadaro. Ende hatina capacity yekuitazvinhu zvakadaro. ( Ah, we don’t know anything about that. We don’t make such directives; and we have have no capacity to do that),” said Chiwenga on the phone.

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