At the time President Emmerson Mnangagwa is telling the world that Zimbabwe is open for business, the British government is saying the opposite.

The UK government is warning its British investors that Zimbabwe is a very risky business environment.

London says necessary and highly needed economic reforms are slow, while at the same time human rights abuses continue.

The UK government gives a run down of the challenges making Zimbabwe not that good for investors.

The challenges include prohibitive and volatile foreign exchange controls, high inflation, unstable property rights, and endemic corruption.

The UK government further points out that doing business in Zimbabwe can be problematic, with a number of obstacles and pitfalls.

Apparently, President Mnangagwa says his administration has opened up the country for investment.

He says the country is working flat out to reengage the outside world, while making it is to do business in the country.

Zimbabwe has been in isolation for long owing to her human rights abuse record since late former president Robert Mugabe’s time.

Meanwhile, according to critics Mnangagwa has not done anything better.