People who stay in Zimbabwe are ranked amongst the saddest citizens in the world according to a report.
An annual United Nations World Happiness Report says the perrenially struggling southern African nation is ranked third with Afghanistan and South Sudan leading the pack in a top ten list which also has Rwanda, Central African Republic, Tanzania, Botswana, Yemen, Malawi and India.
The same report also names Finland as a county with the world’s most happiest people. Finland is followed by Denmark, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Netherlands, Sweden, New Zealand, Luxembourg and Austria.
The report comes at a time when the southern African country is faced by a myriad of problems which has seen most of its citizens leaving the country to seek the proverbial greener pastures.
Amid the free-fall of Zimbabwe’s galloping economy, embattled Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube has said that he is going to set up a currency stabilisation task force and concurrently introduce a managed floating rate system.

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