MDC leader Morgan Tvsangirai has been praised as a better  and  principled leader in comparison to Zanu PF’s current crop of leadership according to many war vets including the under-fire secretary general Mr Victor Matemadanda

Speaking to journalists, Matemadanda  expressed his anger and frustration at the way Zanu PF is destroying the country through corruption and selfishness as seen in the current government.

“G40 is the number one enemy. It is the front, the face of the imperialists that we have defeated. It is the one that is destroying Zimbabwe. We are not being accorded enough time to expose them, but I can assure you one day we will expose them. These are enemies within,” Matemadanda said.

“Tsvangirai can be a better enemy because a defined enemy is an enemy you know, but a pretender is much serious, dangerous and can destroy anyone. This is why you see everything is not moving in Zimbabwe. They have brought confusion in the party. They have brought confusion in government and in every other system.

“They have taken over the land around towns and they are leaders of land barons. They are heading every corrupt activity that you see.”

The combative war veteran described their arm together with war collaborators and ex-detainees as the foundation for Zanu PF. He described the organisations as the stumbling block to G40’s corrupt activities.

“They want to give an impression that war veterans have become the laughing stock of this society, but as long as that is not corrected Zimbabwe will continue to nose dive to where we don’t know,” he said.

Matemadanda also took a dig at Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko’s continued stay at the upmarket Rainbow Towers Hotel.

Since his appointment as VP in December 2014, Mphoko has been staying at the hotel, something that has invited ridicule for himself through numerous demonstrations.