Renowned Chimurenga singer Raymond Majongwe’s  new album Zimbabwe Ndeyedu Tese is set to be unpacked when he shares stage with fellow Chimurenga musician Thomas Mapfumo in Leicester UK.

They will be joined by Steve ‘Dhongi’ Makoni on April 16 in Leicester, United Kingdom to mark Zimbabwe’s independence from Britain.

“This is my independence gift to Zimbabweans. I want to show them that we are where we are as a country because of other people’s blunders.

“Zimbabwe Ndeyedu Tese in particular targets those high- profile politicians who are governing Zimbabwe like their private company,”  said Majongwe.

Raymond Majongwe’s latest songs in the new album are  Pamuromo, Zimbabwe Ndeyedu Tese, Amai, Havana Mari, Matsotsi, Ngozi, Tabata Muroyi, Tauya and Veruvengo.

In the new songs Majongwe targets and warns against money making false church prophets and traditional healers who are making millions from poor gullible Zimbabweans.

He also highlights the evil of Zimbabwe corrupt millionaires who are leaving like rich kings while the majority languish in poverty

“Surely, how can some individuals brag of having million dollars in this economy where industries are dead?” said the 45-year-old artiste.

“Anybody who is rubbed the wrong way by the album should go hang. I do not care as long as I said it,” he said.

Majongwe and Mapfumo are the most well known protest musicians in Zimbabwe and they have a large following due to their unique thought provoking style.