As Zimbabwe has just recorded its second Covid-19 death in a 75-year-old Bulawayo man, the country is faced with a fresh outbreak of pneumonia, a lung disease typified by inflammation of the airspaces in the lungs, most commonly due to an infection.
The outbreak could scuttle the troubled southern African country’s efforts to fight coronavirus as pneumonia is also one of the symptoms of the novel coronavirus, or Covid-19.
According to a report in the online Zim Morning Post, several patients presented to Gwanda Hospital during the past two days in suspicion of Covid-19, were immediately discharged after medical practitioners established that they were suffering from pneumonia.
Whilst no official communication from the Health and Child Care ministry could be immediately availed, sources told the publication that despite being one of the symptoms of Covid-19, pneumonia patients were not subjected to testing owing to the shortages of testing kits.

More details to follow….