Zimbabwe’s gold output year-to-date was 18,940kg in July compared to 12,852kg produced during the same period last year.

Small scale miners accounted for 11,444kg, with formal mines contributing 7,496kg to the country’s total output.

Meanwhile, latest trade statistics reveals that the value of total exports in June 2022 was US$666.6m, signifying an increase of 29.9% from total export earnings of US$513.1m in May 2022.

Imports increased by 4.9% to US$750.5 m in June 2022, from US$715.7 m in May the same year.

According to Trading Economics, Zimbabwe’s main exports are tobacco (23 percent of total exports) and nickel (20 percent). Others include: diamonds, platinum, ferrochrome, and gold.

Zimbabwe main export partners are: South Africa, China, Congo and Botswana.

Zimbabwe main imports are: motor vehicles and machinery, fuel and foodstuffs. Zimbabwe main import partners are South Africa and China.