LEADING confectionary company Bakers Inn has reduced the price of bread from $18,50 to $16.50 bringing relief to consumers. 

Other bread makers including Lobels and Proton were yesterday still selling a standard loaf at $18,50. 

A number of residents were buying bread at Bakers Inn outlets across the city yesterday as supermarkets were still charging the old price for the company’s bread. 

A cashier who spoke to The Chronicle at one outlet said they were struggling with low bread sales as they were in competition with people who sold bread on the streets at a cheaper price.

“The people buy bread from us with EcoCash and swipe, sell it much cheaper for cash, then trade the same cash for EcoCash and bank transfer at a premium, buy more bread and sell. So, more people have been buying bread on the streets,” he said.

Bakers Inn chief executive officer Mr Ngoni Mazango could not comment on the matter saying he was on leave.  He referred questions to the Bakers’ Association of Zimbabwe whose president Mr Dennis Wallah confirmed the price reduction.

He said the industry was facing a number of challenges, chief among them the high cost of fuel and erratic power supplies.

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