In a sensational turn of events, a Zimbabwean woman, Tsitsi Sharon Chihombori, has found herself at the centre of a social media storm after a TikTok video emerged that allegedly “instigated violence” in South Africa.

The controversial video, which has ignited outrage and a nationwide hunt for Chihombori, has taken social media by storm.

The explosive controversy began when TikTok user @Thulisilendabalin came forward with startling accusations. According to @Thulisilendabalin, Tsitsi Sharon Chihombori had produced a video that, in their words, “encouraged Somalians and other foreigners to kill South Africans.

“An illegal Zimbabwean Tsitsi Sharon Chihombori is wanted for instigating violence in South Africa. Tsitsi is said to have made a TikTok video encouraging Somalians and other foreigners to kill South Africans.”

The claims were shocking, raising concerns over potential violence and racial tensions in South Africa.

However, it is essential to clarify that she did not explicitly call for violence against South Africans. Instead, she urged foreigners to defend themselves against unruly South Africans.

The TikTok video quickly gained attention, sparking a flurry of activity on social media platforms.

South Africans took to social media to identify, locate, and report Tsitsi Chihombori to the authorities. In one striking TikTok video, user @thee_honourable_speaker exposed details about Tsitsi and her alleged husband.

“Wreckless! This woman has already been found. Social media is not your friend. She is based somewhere in Germiston, and the supposed husband is a truck driver.”

This revelation further fueled the controversy surrounding Tsitsi Chihombori’s alleged actions.

As the TikTok scandal continues to unravel, South African authorities have reportedly launched an investigation into Tsitsi Chihombori’s actions. The potential consequences of her video and the ensuing social media manhunt remain to be seen.

South Africa’s government and law enforcement agencies are reportedly taking this incident very seriously.

According to critics, this incident underscores the incredible power and perils of social media in today’s society. While it has the ability to bring injustices to light and mobilize communities, it can also be a platform for spreading misinformation and inciting controversy.

This case serves as a reminder of the responsibility that comes with using these platforms.

As the investigation unfolds, South Africa watches with bated breath to see the resolution of this sensational and potentially dangerous situation.

Image/ text: iHarare