UK: A Zimbabwean has been jailed for a massive £264 000 fraud in the UK.Jean Tugwete was employed as a personal assistant and she falsified company credit card statements to try and hide her spending spree. Tugwete was sentenced at the Old Bailey on Friday to three years and six months in jail, having previously pleaded guilty to fraud by false representation and false accounting.


Between April 2012 and February 2015, Tugwete bought flights, TVs, iPads and even a new soft-top car on the company card. The 41-year-old spent almost £16,000 at House of Fraser, bought a Peugeot 307 cabriolet for £9,000, spent £17,000 at Costco and purchased a £4,500 corner sofa from DFS.

 Police said Tugwete, who is from Colchester, had been disguising the transactions as plausible business expenses on things like hotel stays, train fares or conference facilities. A City of London police spokesperson said: “Tugwete would alter the statements before scanning them back in and sending them to the company’s finance department for processing.