Zimbabwean musician Gugulethu Khumalo Berita has opened up on her troubled marriage to South African music executive Nhlamulo ‘Nota’ Baloyi.  The two fell in love around 2018 after Berita left another relationship from hell. At the time, Baloyi was described by the Zimbabwean songstress as “a man that has rejuvenated both her romantic life and career,” but like most fairy tale stories, it ended in tears.

It appears, Berita was blinded by the new lover who appeared at the time like a dream hubby, with everything that a woman would like. “I am being taken care of (by my boyfriend Nota Baloyi) and he is very good for me, and creates an environment for me to work well. Although I am not mentioning any names, he makes me very happy,” she said in an interview in 2018.

Berita today announced that she is no longer married to Nota Baloyi and addressed her followers over statements that were made by her motormouth estranged husband on social media.

Berita (real name Gugulethu Khumalo)

She claims that she left her marital home sometime in January and is currently separated from Nota Baloyi.

I am no longer married to Nhlamulo “Nota” Baloyi. I left our marital home on Thursday the 13 of January 2022. As it stands we are currently separated

She claims that she has been mum for the fear of her safety. Berita described her husband as an irresponsible and reckless man. She said that she does not condone his actions and decided to leave her marriage because she cannot babysit a grown man.

I have been quiet because my safely has been a huge concern. This man is extremely irresponsible, reckless and unruly. He simply does not listen to anyone. I do not condone his actions. I cannot even begin to count the numerous times he has erred in his speech. It’s even difficult for my to follow after his every move. I simply cannot babysit a grown man.


Berita admitted to missing all the red flags that were there in her marriage.  She said she has faced enough bullying and disgrace from Nota and can no longer deal with his irrational behaviour.

The bullying and disgrace I have faced publicly and privately is painful. This man’s irrational behaviour is beyond me. I am a very reasonable person. I will be the first to admit. I missed very big red flags.

Lastly, she pleaded with Nota Baloyi to get help with his mental health.

My one request is that Nhlamulo “Nota” Baloyi needs help with his mental health. I tried my best whilst I was in his life. I tried to also plead with his family about this. He is a really good man, sometimes he means well. He needs help.

berita husband nota baloyi

Berita and husband Nota Baloyi

Nota needs help: Outrage as he blasts Mihlali Ndamase as unattractive ‘object’.. ‘You can kill her if you want to’

Berita broke her silence on social media days after her estranged husband Nota Baloyi caused an uproar over the disturbing comments he made about cosmetics influencer Mihlali Ndamase.

In a series of tweets posted on Monday morning, the Thandolwethu star made it categorically clear that she stood with Ndamase and completely shunned the actions of Baloyi.

The controversial entertainment pundit sent shockwaves across the internet when, during an episode of the Nkululeko n Cultr podcast, he referred to the likes of Ndamase, Ayanda Thabethe and South African black women in relationships with rich men, as objects one can purchase, and even kill at leisure.

“The Mihlali’s of this world. I mean, like, imagine… Like, imagine there’s some guys who think that Mihlali is attractive, and all I think is that [I can buy her]. They don’t understand that if Mihlali’s for sale, that means she’s an object, which means you can kill her if you want to,” Nota nonchalantly claimed.

In response to this bizarre rant, Berita made it clear that she no longer regards herself as Nota’s wife, since she left their home on Thursday, 13 January 2022.

The Siyathandana songstress publicly apologised to Ndamase, vehemently stressing that no woman “should ever have to be objectified and ripped apart publicly or privately.”

Perhaps, the biggest shocker in Berita’s statement was the suggestion that she left her marriage “the day I had to choose between being married and being alive.”

While Berita did not categorically accuse Nota of physical abuse, intimidation or death threats, she did indicate that Nota “needs help with his mental health.”