A Harare African traditional healer has revealed that a number of famous church leaders and prophets approach her to buy powers to perform miracles at their churches and shrines.

Ambuya Simboti said she was also inundated by visits from some well known congregation leaders and pastors(prophets) who sought help when they failed to perform miracles in their churches.

“A lot of prophets will line up at the doorstep here wanting help in their churches and I have helped a lot. This especially includes people from Vapostori sects,” she said.

“We usually perform rituals with their shepherd sticks such that they can have power to perform other practices. These people acknowledge what we believe in but don’t want to come out publicly because African Traditional Religion has been associated with witchcraft, but and that’s not the case,” Ambuya Simboti said.

In 2015, the leader of Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries, Prophet Walter Magaya, released a two-part booklet alleging that many people at Vapostori sects were getting their powers from “marine spirits”.

This raised anger within the apostolic sects, who retaliated by alleging that the prophet Magaya uses magic and ungodly antics to lure people to his ministry.