Zim Opposition Parties To Stage a Protest March in Harare Tomorrow 26 August 2016

Zimbabwe’s opposition parties will stage a protest march in Harare tomorrow in an effort to for the government of President Mugabe to reform and listen to the demands of the people.

The demonstration will come hours after deadly clashes in Harare between police and MDC youths.

opposition parties want electoral reforms to enable free and fair elections.

Tomorrow’s protest is likely to be joined by other non political forces that are also pushing for the ouster and resignation of Mugabe government.

A number of war veterans have reportedly encouraged opposition parties to confront Mugabe government head-on.

While police have not yet sanctioned the demonstrations, a number of attendees expressed their believe that they have a right to protest against bad government.

If successful, the demo will be a stepping stone towards a united opposition front in the eagerly awaited 2018 general election.