A Zimbabwean man has won the R12m South African national lottery jackpot.

The man, whose name has not been revealed, has been in South Africa for the past 10 years, decided to try his luck for the March 2 draw. He said this was the second time he had played the game.

“A few weeks ago, I decided to give lotto a try for the first time and I won just over R200. I decided to play again. I did not think much about the numbers, I just randomly selected them.

“I could not believe it when I learnt that I had a winning ticket. I won R12m!” he said.

With his fortune now changed, the 34-year-old multimillionaire, said he had had a tough upbringing in a child-headed household.

The man who wants worked as a domestic helper said he planned to buy a car and house for himself, renovate his home back in Zimbabwe and invest the rest of the money.