COLLET MADUBEKO: Zimbabwean man held by FBI over Carnival Cruise Ship rape

A Zimbabwean man who abandoned his family after getting a cruise ship job has reportedly  been detained for raping a passenger in front of a minor and will now be handed over  to US law enforcement agencies when the ship docks at “the nearest American port.”

Multiple sources are reporting that the man identified as Collet Madubeko “went on in the room of a guest at 4am and the guest reported a rape incident.”

There are reports that “he was arrested by the FBI” when the ship arrived on US soil. A US law code states that the Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) will be responsible for investigations of crimes onboard cruise ships.


KS: He was invited to hang out not rape .. don’t defend a rapist. He is begging a lot of women on the ship to marry him to find out way to America and being very forceful with them… he’s telling women on the ship that he’s single and not married.

Family member: This man raped my aunt last night on the Carnival Cruise and is in jail on the ship. This is insane! You go on a cruise thinking you don’t have to worry about people like him. He bruised her all up and my 15 year old cousin was in the room. He can rot in jail.

DV: No ulterior motives .. i know for 100% fact she was raped by somebody and he was aggressive with other women.. he broke the rules by entering a guests room anyways

GH: the fact that he left his wife crying we wish him nothing but suffering

Who is Collet Madubeko? First wife says she fell pregnant after he raped her

He has been married twice and reportedly abandoned his family after getting a job on  a cruise ship.  His first wife left the marriage after 14 year over Collet’s extra marital affairs.

In an interview with a popular Zimbabwean socialite, Collet’s first wife said she “paid for his university fees.” Collet reportedly studied a computer degree at University of Zimbabwe with financial backing from his first wife.

On a sad note, the first wife said she fell pregnant for the first time after Collet raped her. They were in a relationship at the time.

The incident happened at Collet’s late sister’s house.

Following the rape ordeal, his girlfriend had to wrap herself with a blue towel  to conceal her white skirt which now had blood all over. She says she keeps the blue towel up to now.

The two then lived together for 14 years before going separate ways after the first wife got tired of Collet’s overt liaisons with other women.

Family Origins

Collet Madubeko is originally from Chivhu in Zimbabwe. He grew up in Mashava in the Midlands area. He worked at Shabane before relocating to Botswana around 2008