BULAWAYO: In a bizarre incident that happened in Sindiza suburb, a drunk man came home and started disturbing his family home’s tenants demanding for meat to roast over an open fire. He then killed and roasted his own dog.

Jacob Mwanza,  (26) from Sizinda confirmed that he was drunk when he braaied his beloved dog, My Lady.

Mwanza told the reporters that he slaughtered his dog after being inspired by a television show, Ultimate Braai Master. He denied that he ate dog meat.

“I can’t remember what really happened because I was drunk. I love braai and was inspired by Braai Master show to slaughter my dog but it is a lie that I ate dog meat. People want to tarnish my image and I know that members of the community have a grudge on me,” said Mwanza.

According to neighbours Jacob slaughtered his pet after his efforts to get meat from anyone failed. The man killed and roasted the female dog as his neighbours who tried to reprimand him watched.

One eyewitness of the incident told reporters:

He slaughtered his dog and had a braai. Residents tried to reprimand him for eating dog meat but Mwanza became radical and ordered the community to respect his rights

When asked for comment by the publication the man confirmed the story and told them he was inspired by a TV show called the Ultimate Braai Master. The economic woes ravaging the country cannot be ruled out for incidents like this as people turn to any available alternative.