United International Church Emmanuel Makandiwe has added his voice to the already existing predictions that President Mugabe is likely to see more chaos and gloom as the country’s econimic and political situation worsens.

Makandiwa’s prophecy came just a few days after Magaya, another local prophet also made similar claims last month that there was going to be serious chaos in a country now believed by many to be Zimbabwe.

“There will be a wave of demonstrations, they would stop, and start again and on the fourth time the situation will get out of hand and foreign peace-keepers will be called (sic). Remember, my prophecy about bees flying to come to bite other bees that will be stinging the people,” Makandiwa said during his Sunday service streamed live on YouTube.

A few days before last week’s violent protests, Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries leader Walter Magaya made a similar prediction, saying he foresaw a southern African country in flames.

Although Magaya did not specifically mention Zimbabwe, the prediction was immediately linked to the chaotic scenes that rocked Beitbridge Border Post following the government’s decision to introduce an import ban on certain goods produced from South Africa.

However, critics said, these are opportunistic prophecies that could be done by anyone with  discerning eyes.