All is not well in Chivi where a family flogged their elderly relative for more than 10 hours with mulberry tree switches leading to his death after accusing him of witchcraft.

Taurai Hwengwere (46), Bernard Mandava (63), Gift Mandava (48), Apton Musindo (42), Edwin Nyembezi Samu (36), Svodai Tarisai (42), Patience Sibanda (age not given) and Pamela Mandava (age not given) allegedly assaulted Fidelis Mandava (72) with mulberry tree switches all over the body until the next day, leading to his death four days later

Masvingo police spokesperson Chief Inspector Charity Mazula confirmed the incident.

“I can confirm receiving a report of murder involving an elderly man in Chivi. Eight members of his family assaulted him following a dispute over witchcraft allegations. Police have since arrested six of the suspects.

They are expected to appear in court soon on murder charges. Two others, both female, are still at large,” said Chief Insp Mazula.

She said the elderly Mandava and the eight relatives had a family gathering at his home intending to solve a dispute over allegations of witchcraft.

Chief Insp Mazula said the late Mandava was accused of being in possession of goblins and bewitching some family members.

Mandava however, professed ignorance and this infuriated other family members who took mulberry tree switches to mete instant justice on the hapless elderly man.

“They demanded that he surrenders the goblins while taking turns to assault him with the switches all over the body,” Chief Insp Mazula.

The assailants, she said, assaulted their victim until midnight when they left the homestead due to fatigue, only to return the following morning and continued to assault him……chronicle