President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa has just addressed the United Nations General Assembly wich is currently underway in New York.

In his address, Mnangagwa chronicled some the challenges his government is facing and interventions being employed to counter the problems.

He pointed out the challenges brought about by the Covid 19 pandemic as well as global warming.

“The ever looming threat associated with the CCC of COVID-19; Conflict and Climate Change, has placed upon us, an enormous responsibility to confront these interlocking challenges by strengthening multilateralism and solidarity,” he said.

He said the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change & the Paris Agreement must remain the primary platform for negotiating a collective global response to climate change, adding that all measures taken to achieve the targets and commitments set under the Paris Agreement have to be implemented.

“It is our hope that at COP 27 in Egypt, later this year, the developed countries will deliver more concrete action on climate change, not just for mitigation targets, but also in relation to adaptation, loss and damage, climate specific finance, technology transfer and capacity building.

“In our case, Zimbabwe is making concerted and deliberate efforts to integrate climate action into our national policies, strategies and planning,” he said.