Zimbabwe’s deputy minister of youth and Zanu PF Wedza South MP, Hon Tinomudaishe ‘Tino’ Machakaire(pictured R) tested positive for coronavirus on Wednesday, here is his full statement..

Dear Colleagues,
I hope you are well and healthy during these difficult times.
Unfortunately, the current news is not good, and our nation is in the midst of an alarming increase in COVID-19 cases. Infection rates are quite alarming and in the past week alone we’ve seen a sharp increase in the number of COVID-19 deaths.
l have also tested positive for COVID-19 and I have since self isolated. In times of a pandemic, privacy concerns must be balanced with efforts to protect others. l have decided to be responsible and I am appealing to everyone l have been in contact with recently to go and get tested, self isolate and seek necessary help.
This is a painful journey, it separates you from your loved ones. Self isolation is not easy at all. The kids want to play with you but you cant entertain them.


I pray for everyone’s safety and well being. I do not wish this for anyone. For those who are already affected, lets continue to pray together and hope for a better tomorrow. Our health will soon be restored.
Those who care for us are in a difficult situation, because when they call to check on us at times answering the phone is very difficult as one will be in a lot of pain.
Do not give up on us, send messages when the time is right we will respond.
Lets stick to the “3 Ws”:
Wear Your Mask. Wash Your Hands. Watch Your Distance.
God bless us all.