If you are a Zimbabwean living in South Africa you have your back covered by a network of Central Intelligence Organisation(CIO) agents whose job is to spy and  monitor the daily movements of citizens in the neighbouring country.

In his book Two Weeks in November,  Douglas Rogers reveals that a low-key white businessman turned political fixer who assisted in the November 2017 coup narrated to him how he worked with some of the CIO agents Kasper, Magic and Horse who were part of the network deployed to monitor Zimbabweans in South Africa.

A high placed source who spoke to this publication said it was not unusual that the government has an interest in the citizens.

“The system should always be aware of what its citizens are on about wherever they are,” the source said. “Imagine you have more than a million of your people who stay in a foreign country and you are clueless on what they are on about except through the formal Embassy reports.

“That would be crazy. Since time immemorial the system has always had its people in that country. Some are not really agents but informants of the system deployed in restaurants, garages, security companies and so on.

“Just to give you examples, you would know that most of the high profile meetings held by pressure groups and civic society activists will always end up in the hands of the system because of this knit web of intelligence gathering that we deployed in countries of interest.”

Rogers book narrated how the dreaded SA based assassins and CIO spies worked with Chris Mutsvangwa and lawyer Gabriel Shumba under what was called the Northgate Declaration in toppling Robert Mugabe.