Zimbabwean intelligence officers reportedly uncovered the conspiracy by a Botswana politician, Dr Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi and her colleagues  including former President  Ian Khama, which sought to topple Botswana President Mokgwetsi Masisi.

An American diplomat, Andrew Young, is also named by the Sunday Standard as part of the plot.

The plot involved laundering P60 million to Botswana via Zimbabwe and the money, according to reports, had been brought by Ms Bridgette Motsepe, sister of South African billionaire from South Africa who was tracked from Lanseria Airport by Botswana newspaper the Sunday Standard up to Victoria Falls.

It is believed that former president Khama, who is backing Dr Moitoi, was expected to attend the meeting.

According to reports by the Sunday Standard, the money was meant to buy votes for Dr Moitoi who intends to challenge President Mokgweetsi Masisi for BDP presidency.

It is understood that Dr Moitoi and her delegation were detained and subjected to interrogation by Zimbabwean intelligence officers in Victoria Falls after a tip off.

Reports say that according to the initial plan, Dr Moitoi and Ms Motsepe’s teams were to be airlifted by two helicopters to a secret meeting at a farm in Botswana.

The US$5, 5 million purse was to be used to buy votes for Dr Moitoi in her BDP presidential bid against President Masisi.

The Sunday Standard reported that they had some audio tapes were Ms Motsepe was discussing with Binns saying the money was ready