Exposed: Charlton Chihuri, the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority loss control boss  has been using forged academic qualifications, but has been working at the revenue authority for  more than 13 years without anyone noticing, it has been reported.

In a High Court forensic audit report, it has been revealed that Mr Charlton Chihuri misrepresented his academic qualifications to Zimra as early as 2003 when he first applied for the post of Loss Control Officer.

Chihuri misrepresented that he had obtained six Ordinary Level passes, scored six Advanced Level points and that he was the legitimate holder of a Bachelor of Science Honours in Economics Degree with the University of Zimbabwe.

Following a tip off by a whistle blower it was discovered that Chihuri neither has six Ordinary Level passes nor does he hold any degree with the University of Zimbabwe. In actual fact, he has only four Ordinary Level passes excluding English, and he failed his Advanced Level examinations with two F symbols and an O symbol.

The UZ refuted claims that Mr Chihuri graduated from the institution and categorically stated that the degree certificate that he presented to Zimra was fictitious.

Mr Chihuri is also a holder of a Master’s degree with the University of Liverpool whose legitimacy is being questioned given that generally one cannot obtain a Master’s without an undergraduate qualification.

As if to show how bad Chihuri is academically, he even failed Zimra training tests for supervisors and managers, scoring two F symbols for Tariff and Procedure 1 respectively.

But he was showered with performance awards every quarter.

The auditors also established that another loss control officer, Mr Benjamin Zenda was employed without the requisite qualifications and through a process fraught with irregularities.

“The whistleblower died in a car accident in July 2016 just two days before a scheduled meeting with one of the Zimra board members, with whom he was meant to discuss his frustrations regarding the matter. He left documentation with his lawyers now the executor of his estate,” said the auditors.