ZIFA is currently in the eye of a storm at the moment following reports that the football body robbed Warriors fans and diverted for personal use money which had been donated by businessman Kuda Tagwireyi A.K.A  Queen B.

According to the Zim Morning Post, Tagwirei who is a passionate supporter of the Zimbabwe Warriors had donated money which would enable at least 40 fans to go to Egypt to support the Warriors at the Africa Cup of Nations Finals starting on Friday.

The money the businessman donated covered everything as it included airfare, hotel accommodation and food to ensure that the Warriors would have someone to back them during their matches.

Unfortunately, officials from ZIFA who received the money are reported to have picked each other as well as their friends who include some journalists and their girlfriends to make the trip. Only 4 genuine fans were picked to make the Egypt trip.

A source who spoke to the publication saidKuda Tagwireyi bought 40 tickets for Warriors fans. He gave them to ZIFA for onward transmission to the relevant stakeholders or at least arrangements for the fas to be in Egypt before Friday. He also provided money for the fans accommodation and upkeep in Egypt which would ensure they did not miss any group matches.

But this is a sad day for football and most especially the Warriors who need every support they can get in Egypt.

When ZIFA was asked to comment on the issue, they dismissed the allegations as baseless. ZIFA spokesperson Xolisani Gwesela is quoted as saying those are baseless allegations and a concoction of falsehoods. ZIFA is an accountable organisation and we are fully aware of our responsibilities.

EZRA Sibanda raises red flag

Highlanders Chairman Kenneth Mhlophe at it again. This is the picture of Bosso Chairman & his son joining others at Zifa offices ready to be taken to the airport enroute to Egypt. Zifa invited premier league clubs to nominate 3 of their die hard supporters to travel for AFCON Tournament in Egypt which starts this coming Friday and guess who Bosso chairman picked? Mhlophe whose lack of leadership qualities have caused chaos, division & infighting at Highlanders picked his own son and a friend to travel with him to Cairo( all expenses paid for by Zifa) to watch Warriors take on Pharaohs on Friday. Dynamos, FC Platinum and other clubs selected fans not relatives to travel to Egypt to watch Afcon. Why not choose Highlanders ordinary fans Mr Chairman? You hate Bosso Supportrers. What an embarrassment by Mhlophe and his son. Zifa should send both of them back to Zim immediately after landing. This is barbaric behaviour.

Bosso Boss, son off to Egypt

This is nepotism on an unimaginable scale, corruption as never seen before & a stinking unethical practice. This is the chairman who assumed office by default and has the guts to choose his own son who doesnt even watch Bosso games. Dont forget Mhlophe only joined Bosso 5 years ago, lost elections for Vice Chairmanship position to Ngwenya and later bundled back by his friends in the board to become club chairman last year. This after they disqualified Maphepha who would have smashed him. Within a year this chairman has shown his ineptness to lead a club like Highlanders. He has been violating the club constitution, clueless on what his role is, captured by the CEO and manipulated by the useless Board. This Chairman is at Bosso for his selfish interests and nothing to do with the love of the club. If he is allowed to practise & show such favouritism towards family or friends you wonder what other benefits the Mhlophe family enjoys at Highlanders. This is scandalous!!!