By William Milasi

KWEKWE Police are investigating  two police officers identified as Dambudzo and Makasa stationed at Zhombe Police Station following allegations that the duo raided a local homestead and looted livestock and cash.

It is alleged that the suspects solicited for a bribe which comprised of four goats and a $100 from a Zhombe man Reyie Ndebele whom they accused of planting marijuana.

The cops it has been gathered claimed that they found 15 plants of marijuana in Ndebele’s yard.
“The police officers came to my house with a privately owned T35 truck and spoke to my neighbour telling him that they had found fifteen plants of marijuana in my storeroom which they also claimed to have already collected. I have never kept mbanje at home,” Ndebele said.

Ndebele said that the police officers then solicited for a $100 bribe and four goats.

He added that he alerted Kwekwe Central Police Station who then contacted the duo who had come to collect the loot.

Ndebele said the cops left with the goats after apologising.

Ndebele and the police officers approached Kwekwe magistrates courts were they were notified that the docket was not properly amended and investigations have since been launched.

Midlands Provincial police spokesperson Ethel Mukwende referred all the questions to her superiors in Harare.

Meanwhile, national police spokesperson Senior Assistant Charity Charamba said she was not aware of the issue.