Finance and Economic Development Minister, Professor Mthuli Ncube said power cuts will only end when it rains.

His statement comes at a time when the Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company has introduced a 10-hour load-shedding regime across the country due to lower water levels at Kariba Power Station

Delivering his Ministerial statement on the state of the economy in parliament on Wednesday, Minister Ncube said:

… Due to lower water levels at Kariba Power station load shedding will continue untill the rains come, however, we are making efforts to import electricity from neighboring Mozambique.

Zesa spokesman Mr. Fullard Gwasira is on record saying unless Kariba Dam catchment areas in Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo receive rains, the situation would be dire.

“Kariba is a hydro station and requires water so up until there are significant inflows into the lake the current generation pattern will subsist. The patterns that we depend on are not from Zimbabwe, it is from Zambia and DRC. Their significant rainfall upkeep should be able to rejuvenate the situation as the year progresses.”