Former ZESA boss Josh Chifamba splurged over US$600 000 on top of the range vehicles between 2011 and 2017, sources say.

This happened at a time when the debt and scandal-ridden power utility owed its local and international suppliers close to US$1 billion and is only managing to service interest accrued on loans without settling premiums.

According to details in the forensic audit done by PricewaterhouseCoopers, Chifamba who has since been arrested splashed US$600 000 on luxurious cars.

In buying vehicles for Chifamba, Zesa also bought top of the range vehicles for other managers which were above their deserved perks as stated in their contracts.

During this period Chifamba acquired the following cars:

 2011 Mercedes Benz S320 valued at US$209 000,

Land Cruiser 2012 make (US$176 000),

Mercedes GL 2016 (US$127 000)

Toyota Fortuner in 2017 at the cost of US$66 000.

The former CEO was arrested in October 2018 for criminal abuse of office in the awarding of a contract involving Zesa’s unit Zent and an Indian firm, PM.