Exiled former cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo says the officials doing the accreditation of journalists and election observers are full time members of the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO).

“The officials doing @ZECzim’s accreditation of observers and journalists for the voter registration blitz and the 26 March by-elections are not ZEC staff but fulltime CIO officers. This is unlawful. Prospective voters and journos should photograph these CIOs for posterity!”

Moyo adds that even the Biometric Voter Registration is being

“Same for the BVR kits at @ZECzim’s voter registration centres; they are run by the CIO, which heads the chain of custody of the kits from purchase to storage.

“So officials running the kits are not ZEC staff but CIO officers, who should be photographed by prospective voters!”

He said it is unconstitutional and a violation of section 239 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe (2013), for ZECzim to surrender the BVR registration of voters and the accreditation of observers and journalists to the CIO, under the illegal pretext that the functions are security in nature.