Image: TechZim

Norton Independent Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa says the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) is doing a wonderful job, but it has to share the information.

Mliswa says the institution operating within and along the current electoral laws has done well.

“Some of the issues we raise is because we don’t have enough information leading to ZEC
attacks,” he says.

Mliswa says he recently attended a
ZEC event on delimitation and noted that to a large extent, the institution is doing well.

“Our major problem is inherent suspicion which we feed with anything and everything. At times what is needed is clarity in communication by
ZEC,” he adds.

On issues like the diaspora vote, Mliswa says it actually require legislative amendments.

He however, says electoral reforms are still central and fundamental for the transparency of local elections.

“There is need for the institution to be independent from control by politicians. It cannot report to the Minister. That is bad and reduces its independence,” he notes.

Mliswa is on record saying he can win any constituency he could contest because he has good chemistry with the people.

Apparently, ZEC has been under fire for allegedly dancing to ZANU-PF’s tune.

It stands accused of rigging elections on behalf of the ruling party.