The Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) says it is investigating cases of sexual harassment involving its employees.

In a statement, ZBC said disciplinary action is being taken and stakeholders will be notified in due course.

This follows disclosure and suspension of its Director of Radio Services, Robson Mhandu, over allegations of sexual harassment.

Mhandu is accused of demanding sex from a female presenter in order to approve her transfer request from Bulawayo to Harare.

Audios leaked of Mhandu telling one Farai Juliet Magada, also known as Farie Jules, that she needed to “motivate me by work and number two, the obvious… it’s a combination of the two.”

“Tell me if you don’t want to do it and you’ll go back to Bulawayo.”

Magada asked Mhandu if her transfer was going to depend on sex and he responded saying, “we don’t separate the two.”

“I will send you to Bulawayo, I have the power,” he threatened.