The debate by the Chitungwiza Residents’ Trust on the suspension of the entire Chitungwiza Town councillors by Local Government Minister Saviour Kasukuwere failed to kick off yesterday after ZANU PF youths were sent by a senior party official Charamba Mlambo to disrupt it.

The indaba could not be held, as the youths were bussed in and invaded the venue and unleashed violence dispersing those who had come for the meeting.

Citizen journalists who had been taking pictures of the violence had their phones taken away from them and destroyed by the marauding youths, when reporter arrived at the scene, there were signs that something had indeed happened.

Though we could not get a comment from the police, eye witnesses confirmed the disturbances.

Kasukuwere suspended the councillors on allegations of poor governance and corruption.

The residents are expected to debate on whether or not the minister’s action was warranted.

The matter had already stirred a heated debate in parliament when Kasukuwere tabled a ministerial statement to that effect, with some MDC MPs saying his action was unwarranted as it was based merely on allegations.

It was clear that ZANU PF did not want the indaba to go on, as the matter had stirred a debate and left divided the house into two with some MPs especially from ZANU PF supporting Kasukuwere, while those from MDC thought otherwise.