HARARE– Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa faces a gargantuan task of dealing with an increasingly volatile eco-political situation that could lead to civil unrest and bloodshed amid sensational allegations that the ruling Zanu PF is now reverting to the use of notorious torture camps infamously known as ‘bases’ in the pursuit of silencing rising dissent.
The latest developments also come at a time when the main opposition MDC Alliance led by Nelson Chamisa has defiantly vowed to resort to mass protests in a bid to put pressure on the perennially bungling Harare administration. In a bid to withstand the impending restiveness, impeccable sources told dailyzimbabwe that the ruling Zanu PF is reportedly working on the re-establishment of notorious torture camps across the country to deal with oppositional elements.
During the time of dethroned tyrant and former President Robert Mugabe, the ruling party established notorious torture camps across the country where suspected opposition MDC activists and supporters were tortured, maimed or even killed under cold-blooded circumstances by perceived Zanu PF militia.
It is also understood that the long-ruling Zanu PF- in power since independence in 1980- is currently working on logistical considerations such as clothing and food to be used by party militia who will be manning the notorious ‘bases’.
“The party could not take lightly those sentiments from the opposition (concerning the envisaged demonstrations) and they resolved to set up bases to deal with dissent”, said a source privy to the party leadership.
“So, they are looking at convenient places where these bases could be set and other logistical matters such as clothing and food for the militia manning the bases. This is an urgent matter and the main target is to make sure that by the time the MDC begins its demonstrations, the bases will be fully operational”, said the source.
As the country’s economic situation continues to deteriorate, the Chamisa-led opposition resolved during its just-ended 5th National Congress that it will alternatively use mass demonstrations to put pressure on the Mnangagwa administration.
Chamisa is also on record saying ‘you will see what will happen after (the just-ended) congress’, sentiments seen as a threat to the Harare administration that they should brace for more protests.
“Wait for our Congress. After the 26th (of May), you will see what’s going to happen. We can’t be having problems in the country when we have such competent (MDC) people in leadership. Listen to the quality of debate: the MDC is rich. We want 2023 right now. We are not going to shake”, said Chamisa while addressing party members in Bulawayo barely a week before the MDC 5th National Congress.