The ruling party, ZANU-PF has saluted the people who attacked Movement for Democratic Change-Alliance president Nelson Chamisa’s convoy recently.
The ruling party posted on its social media handle ZANU-PF Patriots that the Masvingo villagers did well to demonstrate against Chamisa, saying they did so without breaking the law.
ZANU PF accuses Chamisa and his party of being violent.

“Well done Masvingo villagers.

“The villagers who demonstrated against @nelsonchamisa in Masvingo did so within the confines of law.

“Chamisa represents a violent organization which called for sanctions. Villagers were not violent.

“Chamisa is not immune from demos,” said ZANU-PF Patriots.

However, Chamisa described the attack on his convoy as an attempt against his life.
Chamisa was in Masvingo to meet local and traditional leaders when he was attacked, his aides were injured and vehicles damaged.