ZANU PF officials have been implored to position themselves well and brace up for a new leader as factionalism reportedly returns to change the dynamics.

Former ZANU PF Youth provincial political commissar Godfrey Tsenengamu says the new and emerging leader can’t be stopped, hence current party officials should position themselves strategically.

Apparently, disqualified presidential candidate Saviour Kasukuwere’s campaign team chairperson Walter Mzembi says Zimbabwe is about to enter a supernatural change.

He says while Zimbabweans tried to bring change using the ballot on 23 August, it is now God’s time.

“We are about to enter the Supernatural phase of the ‘Change’ we have been asking and praying for. We tried on 23rd, the pushback was what we now live with.

“When a Nation enters a state of surrender and disillusionment, that’s when God takes over. He doesn’t intervene if man still sees solutions. Let Him lead henceforth ; Results will be superquick,” he says.

Mzembi adds that Zimbabweans should not lose hope and urged them to remain calm.

“Keep calm Zimbabwe, Change is coming! It will be transformational not conformational change, you will know it by its fruits.

“Meanwhile don’t go ahead of the season until what you seek to change has fully manifested so it has meaning,” he says.