A Zanu PF parliamentarian for Chiredzi West, Farai Msikavanhu, has declared war on authorities at Chiredzi Town Council, saying he would expose of their corruption, maladministration and other excesses.

Press reports from Chipinge say Musikavanhu accused the local authority of rampant corruption during a Constituency Indaba that was held at Chitsanga Hall in the Lowveld town on Wednesday.

“I know this council is corrupt and I will do everything in my power to end corruption. Council be ready, I am coming after you,” Msikavanhu said.

According to a report in Chipinge Times, the firebrand Zanu PF legislator also demanded answers to a number of questions from the acting town Secretary, Wesley Kauma, on how residential stands and other approved land projects were being distributed.

The MP further accused Kauma of dithering on the issue of how Devolution Funds were used.

Demanded the legislator:

“We want to know how the 750h of land you got from Government was distributed. We are informed that you have allocated that land to a land baron who is already selling them to teachers”.

In his response, Kauma said the 750h were still at the planning stage and asked for proof to show that there are illicit transactions happening around the stands.

“We applied for the land you are talking about from the Ministry of Lands and the minister instructed us to do a joint venture with Chiredzi Rural District Council since the land is within its area. We are yet to get permission from the minister to distribute the land,” said Kauma.

According to Musikavanhu, Kauma was not telling the truth since his statement differed with what he had said earlier.

Musikavanhu responded:

“Tell the people the truth. What did you tell us during the briefing before the Minister arrived?”

Cooling off the tempers, Chadzamira ordered:

“Kauma has said it loud and clear that council has not distributed any stands and asked for evidence from anyone who challenges the position. We did not come here to point fingers. If you have proof, bring it to our next Indaba”.