ZANU PF leaders were shocked during a rally in Uzumba Maramba Pfungwe when Sydney Sekeramayi chanted PASI NEMBAVHA slogan, he got a muted response.

Presidential candidate Saviour Kasukuwere’s campaign team chairperson Walter Mzembi expressed concern over the silence by ZANU PF leaders to Sekeramayi’s slogan.

“The muted response from the two hundred thousand (200 000) ZANU PF Mash East Rally gathering to the ” PASI NEMBAVHA” Slogan by Sydney Sekeramayi is extremely worrying
1) What are the supporters saying to theft as a practice? 2) Do they celebrate thieves?”

Apparently, Kasukuwere’s head of marketing and mobilisation Cde Never Maswerasei warned that Sekeramayi could be in danger for embarrassing ZANU PF leaders by his PASI NE MBAVHA slogan.

“Sekeramayi must increase security around him. A plan is already being hatched against him for this humiliating statement that left party thieves exposed. He is seen as having planned to embarrass Dambudzo.

“The premature walk-outs made things worse for him and Chiwenga.

“For that the heroes acre could soon be witnessing a double with Markus Xavier’s “Yei Yei” consoling us as usual. Anenge aine nzeve dzekunzwa achanzwisisa. Asingadi kuzviteerera indava dzake,” he said.