The ruling party ZANU PF has refuted reports that it promised pardoned rapist Bobby Makaza who coined Mnangagwa-huchi slogan a house.

It was reported that Makaza, a convict who was released from jail during the presidential amnesty, has been promised a house by Deputy sports minister Tinomudaishe Machakaire.

Makaza coined the Mnangagwa- huchi after being released. Additionally, Bobby was allegedly given US$700 to help him start a new life.

Minister Machakaire’s promise of a house to Makaza follows his video going viral, in which he candidly expressed his struggles and the challenges of not having a starting point, as reported by Zimcelebs.

After the news was shared, a multitude of individuals expressed their concerns and refrained from celebrating, as they raised questions about the hardships endured by the family of Bobby Makaza’s victim.

­Meanwhile the ruling party has dismissed the reports.

“It’s not true.

“Minister Machakaire did not meet Cde Bobby Makaza.

“He did not promise to build him a house,” said ZANU PF Patriots.