ZANU PF bigwigs have reportedly issued death threats to politburo member and deputy youth league secretary Lewis Matutu after he threatened to expose corruption among his peers.

Matutu said he was receiving calls in the dead of night from ministers and top government officials who want to gag him.

“They call at night saying Zanu PF kills, they are threatening me, but I will not be moved. The only person I will listen to is President Emmerson Mnangagwa. I made a personal decision to join Zanu PFand will not be pushed or silenced by anyone,” he told journalists.

Matutu claimed to have evidence of ministers’ children and close aides who were moving bags of foreign currency on the black market as they sabotage economic recovery efforts by Mnangagwa.

“I know children of ministers who are selling foreign currency on the black market, I can give you names and numbers of these people and you can go and change money with them. I am giving them up to Sunday to come clean and if they fail we will name and shame, make no mistake,” he said.

Matutu, a close ally of Mnangagwa, said he was his own man who has been speaking against corruption within the party in private, but after his calls were not heeded he has now taken his fight a gear up.

“I am my own man and I will speak up against such ills without fear because I understand the path that the President wants to take this country. (There are) those who think I am being used look at me, and think I am dull; no I am an intelligent individual who is smart and can think. If they don’t take this advice seriously, well Monday is coming,” he said