The governing party ZANU-PF says it is appealing to the beneficiaries of the land reform program to support the fund raising effort in order to help in the fight against the effects of sanctions.

The party reminded those who benefited from the program not to forget that the western imposed sanctions are aimed at reversing the land redistribution programme.

ZANU-PF also took the begging hat to informal businesses.

“The Party is making appeals formal businesses in all sectors to generously contribute to the fund raising initiative to support the positive momentum commended by IMF which has acknowledged Zimbabwe economic recovery initiatives with the economy expected to grow by 6% by IMF,” said the party.

Meanwhile, the ruling party has urged Zimbabweans in the diaspora to in the fight against neo-conialism.

“The Party is making appeals to all Zimbabweans in the Diaspora to contribute to the Party’s fight against neo-colonialism and western imposed sanctions so that Zimbabwe can grow it’s economy to allow diasporans to invest back home.”

Meanwhile, Zanu-PF has a history of treating Zimbabweans in diaspora as enemies bent on painting the country in bad light.

Zimbabweans in diaspora have been accused of bad-mouthing the country saying they were forced by poverty to flee to other countries.