The ZANU PF Women’s League community bakery project in Mangwe district is yielding positive results, with beneficiaries highlighting that the initiative has helped improve household income.

The party says when the bakery project was introduced to members of the Zanu PF women’s league in Mangwe district in 2019, it was like an answered prayer for the women who were yearning for such an empowerment programme in their area.

The ruling party says it is the zeal and commitment to uplift their economic status that has seen members of Vukuzenzele project in Ward One being among the main suppliers of bread and confectionery to the local community.

“We are 15 members in this group, but due to Covid we have had to scale down operations.

“However, on good days we can produce up to 300 buns and a dozen loaves of bread a day, which has been of benefit to the community,” a member of the bakery project explained.

The party through its arm, the ZANU PF Patriots, says the project that was rolled out to twenty groups in 15 wards of Mangwe district has transformed the lives of the beneficiaries, who are happily giving their testimonies.

Most of them are saying the project has changed their lives in a number of ways.

“We want to thank the party for initiating this programme because it has changed our lives. We have been able to contribute towards household income, meaning that we are able to pay for our children’s school fees and help our husbands,” another said.