ZANU-PF spokesperson Chris Mutsvangwa has accused the western countries of fronting regime change by trying to ride on teachers’ grievances, but warned that they will not succeed because the ZANU-PF government will not tire in improving the people’s lives

Mutsvangwa highlighted that genuine teachers will not be taken away by so called saviour (organisations) which want to derail people.

He lambasted the West saying they never supported education in Zimbabwe, but now want to become champions of education in Zimbabwe

“A lot is being done from regime change to demoralize and negatively affect Zimbabwe and education but the West will not win because Government will not tire to improve people’s lives.

“Those who want to derail teachers and education have no record at all, that is the CCC and other organisations. The West didn’t want us to have universal education,” he says.

Mutsvangwa says the government is always concerned about the welfare and lives of civil servants, hence the country’s achievements in education is commended.

Speaking during the ruling party’s special press conference, he said people scramble for Zimbabwe education and Zimbabwe professionals because the country’s education is valuable.

“It speaks volume on Zimbabwe’s dedication to education. Its because of the teacher that Zimbabwe has good education products,” he said.