The ruling party ZANU PF, has been accused of planning to destroy the Nelson Chamisa led Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) using sex.

Renowned political commentator Dr Pedzisai Ruhanya has warned CCC leaders to be disciplined otherwise they would be ruined using women.

“About ZANU PF SMICE strategy; CCC beware!
1. Weaponized SEX to trap undisciplined or greedy opponents
2. MONEY to buy the purchasable.

“3. INFILTRATION to destroy organisations from within
4. COERCION- blunt force, torture,
5. ELIMINATION- killing
Some @CCCZimbabwe
leaders beware,” he says.

He however, warned that those trying to destroy Chamisa are in fact strengthening him.

“Anyone who works with the system to destroy the authentic, legitimate opposition is in fact strengthening it. Those who think they can destroy @nelsonchamisa
by collaborating with ZANU PF will achieve the opposite. Mark this,” he says.

ZANU PF has for years been accused of using all tricks in the book such as recalls, helping his opponents grab party property, name all in effort to destroy Chamisa.

The ruling party, has also been accused of trying to destroy Chamisa from inside through infiltration.