Zambian President Hakainde Hichilema has implored fellow countrymen to stop checking on the phones of their spouses.

Hichilema’s comments came as part of a plea to attempt to curb divorce rates in the country.

Records indicate the country recorded over 22,000 divorce cases last year alone, statistics that the president described as unfortunate.

Lack of conjugal rights, adultery, gender-based violence, insults and cruelty were among the major reasons people cited in courts for seeking divorce.

“We marry for love, we don’t marry to go and check each other out, or to go and point a finger,” Hichilema is quoted by local outlets as saying when he hosted a local monarch.

He allegedly added: “Freedom means responsibility to limit our freedom, not to tamper with the freedom of others. Be tolerant, be understanding.”

Statistics from the last 12 months showed the shortest marriage in the country lasted for 30 days while the longest was 65 years.