Vocal Zambian politician Joseph Kalimbwe has lambasted leaders from so-called former liberation movements for loitering in the US after the end of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA78).

Kalimbwe says these leaders, President Emmerson Mnangagwa included pretend to hate America but yet they don’t want to come back home after the end of the meeting.

“ZANU, SWAPO & MPLA folks are still in New York despite UN sessions ending. They’ll later come to SADC & tell you America is not a good friend. These bogus revolutionaries, they now left for Ohio, Texas, Chicago; it’s a full blown tour. They love America but want you to hate it!

“The UN sessions are over, we must all come home than loitering in New York. Why is Joji & Co still in New York? The people who talk shiit about America, call others puppets & say America doesn’t mean well are now mesmerized by the New York streets. They don’t want to come home,” he says.

Kalimbwe adds that those who label others puppets of the west are surprisingly the one who don’t want to come back home.

“Friends, Vene (Mnangagwa) is still in New York? Days after the United Nations Sessions ended, the people who politically accuse us of being American puppets now don’t want to leave the very America they always talk bad about. The double standards we get subjected to here is unparalleled,” he says.